If you're a whisky lover, this is the perfect collection of rare whiskies for you.

These bottles include all of the most sought-after, collectible whiskies on the market, with an extensive selection of high-quality whiskies that are all landed in Hong Kong. These set whiskies feature a variety of high-age statements and vintage bottlings from highly coveted distilleries in Japan and Scotland.

Yamazaki is one of the earlier names in Japanese whisky and has remained in high demand over the years. The Yamazaki 25 is a treasured and increasingly uncommon item, having won the World Whiskies Awards for 'Best Single Malt' in 2012. Hibiki was released in 1989 to mark Suntory's 90th anniversary. Its distinctive bottle design has made it one of the most recognizable whiskies in the world: the 24 facets represent the 24 hours in a day and the 24 Sekki in the traditional Japanese calendar. Hakushu's style tends towards herbal, smoky flavors, making it quite distinctive even in blind tastings; the Hakushu 25 is also an uncommon instance of whisky being aged in hinoki cypress.

One of the most well-known whiskies in the world is Macallan. Macallan is well known for setting records at auction and for generally being one of the most sought-after names amongst collectors. In recent years, Macallan has increased its focus on the premium whisky market, with limited bottlings such as the Fine & Rare vintage range, which dates back to 1926, and the Masters of Photography series. The 18yo and 30yo bottlings alone are enough to keep anyone busy, but they also have further limited editions. The Classic Cut is a pretty recent launch — the 2017 bottling is the début — and is a yearly limited release. The 2017 was aged in Oloroso- seasoned European and American oak.


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