We've secured a small allocation of the 2022 release Moutai, as well as some previous releases. These are arguably China's most iconic and collectible spirit and these bottles are all landed in HK.

Moutai is a white spirit made from sorghum and falls into the baijiu category — with the one quirk that "Moutai" is at once a type of spirit, an appellation, and a producer: only spirit made in the town of Maotai can be labelled as such, and all production comes from the Kweichow Moutai Company, the result of a mid-20th century consolidation of the various distilleries present in the area.

Its profile is entirely unique and for that reason quite hard to describe; certainly there's a savoury element to it which reminds some of soy sauce — that's attributed to the composition of the water in the upper Chishui River. In any case, it arguably made its first international appearance in 1972 at a state dinner during Nixon's inaugural visit to China. Demand has been extremely high in recent times and that has made older vintages and high age statements very attractive.


Why we like it:

• A completely unique flavour profile.
• Releases from the current 2022 back to the 2017.
• Arguably the most iconic and collectible spirit from China.

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