2008 was one of Champagne's finest vintages in recent memory and we've secured a serious quantity of De Venoge's flagship Louis XV — it would be very difficult not to try a bottle right now, but this is certainly one for the patient, and don't count on finding this again in a decade: they only produced 10,326 bottles.

De Venoge isn't nearly as well known as its peers, which is a real shame as the wines are great value at all levels. This was one of the founding members of the Syndicat des Grandes Marques de Champagne in 1882 (Grandes Marques & Maisons de Champagne since 1994). This isn't just a body for publicity: members have to adhere to winemaking and cellar management requirements aimed at maintaining high quality and sustainability, in addition to all the existing demands of the Champagne AOC, and must contribute actively to research. Current members include most of the names you'd expect to see that produce outstanding quality wines."[De Venoge's special bottles] don't fit in my fridge door, but my fridge is big and the Champagne's good enough to deserve its own shelf and an upright position. […] there is not a single disappointing wine in the current portfolio that starts with the easy-drinking Cordon Bleu [….] Champage de Venoge is […] still an underrated rising star in the Champagne region." — Wine Advocate (2017)


Why we like it:

• 2008 is one of the best vintages in recent memory for Champagne.
• An underrated producer making great quality throughout the portfolio, especially with the flagship cuvées named in hommage to Louis XV.
• One for the very long term, but only 10,326 bottles produced.

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