Company Update

Crop & Vine’s Approach – Interview with Wine Owners

We’re excited to have been featured in a recent interview with Wine Owners, where our founder and Chief Wine Officer, Stuart Dale, discussed our nimble approach to the industry and the strategies that have helped us succeed as a new player in the wine industry.

Crop & Vine, launched in 2021 and have experienced rapid growth in the wine industry. Our success can be attributed to our efficient and nimble trading practices, as well as our philosophy of prioritizing relationships with our customers, staff, and suppliers. Technology plays a central role in our business, with the Wine Hub serving as a crucial platform that unifies our vision.

We operate on a “high-tech, high-touch model” and strongly believe in the benefits of a low stockholding approach. To offer the widest range of fine wines, we source from various suppliers, including Liv-ex, creating an extensive “shelf” of wines available through our online platform and account management. Our focus remains on people and building strong connections within the wine industry.